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C2D Services

Modernizing a brand to showcase their innovation and achievements

UI Design
Headless development
Content management

The client

About C2D

Founded in 2011, C2D Services is a Montreal-based Canadian consulting firm dedicated to international development. It mainly operates in the sectors of economic growth, information and communications technology (ICT), education and training, and project management assistance.

Challenge and solution

The challenge

C2D has successfully completed nearly 100 strategic projects in over 40 different countries, helping them optimize and improve their processes. However, their online presence was outdated and didn't reflect the significant achievements of the company. C2D required a strategic creative partner to help reimagine and modernize its brand, organize their website content, and develop a new web experience that would more accurately reflect the organization’s values, achievements, and trajectory.


Working with refreshed branding by longtime collaborator Marc Kandalaft, Field Office designed and developed an all new web experience. Headless development allows for a more dynamic experience while retaining maximum speed because it utilizes all the latest standards in technical web development. At the same time, the design and animations have improved the fluidity and professionalism of the site's appearance.


Ultimately, C2D's new website is an accurate reflection of the professionalism and achievements of the firm; the design is modern and clean while showcasing their expertise and innovation. The website's speed and responsiveness continually places importance on the user's experience. But perhaps most importantly, the website's accessibility has dramatically increased, allowing C2D's clients to access the website virtually anywhere in the world, no matter the strength of their internet connection.

Elevating craftsmanship and technical precision

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Modernizing a Brand to Showcase their Innovation and Achievements

In order to gain a comprehensive understanding of our client, we were taken on an in-depth tour of their plant and spoke with the founders who gave us a quick anodizing education. The precision and thoroughness of their process was a major inspiration for our approach to the project; the new visual identity had to reflect not only the quality of their work, but also the importance of their meticulous process.