Relaunching a legacy video game brand for the modern era.


Atari stood at a crossroads, its legendary brand diluted across eight disjointed websites, each under separate reigns. The mission was monumental: to unify these digital realms and introduce a thriving ecommerce branch where none existed, all while elevating the Atari legacy to new heights.

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Our journey began with a deep dive into the technical bedrock of Atari's online presence. We meticulously integrated a 3PL API, unlocking a new dimension of logistical efficiency and seamlessness. Recognizing the untapped potential in Atari's offering, we introduced product bundles, artfully crafted to enhance the Average Order Value (AOV). To turbocharge Conversion Rate (CVR), we empowered Atari with the ability to swiftly create compelling landing pages, each a gateway to the rich universe of Atari.

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The result? A singular, agile Shopify ecosystem that not only unified Atari's digital dominions but also introduced a robust ecommerce platform, previously uncharted territory for the brand. This transformation didn't just streamline operations; it reimagined as a beacon of legendary gaming culture, now equipped to captivate a new generation of enthusiasts. Our collaborative odyssey with Atari transformed them from a constellation of scattered sites into a cohesive, digital empire, all while honoring the brand’s storied past and charting a course for its boundless future.