Cime Collections

Timeless Pieces, Timeless Store.


Cime Collections, historically rooted in the B2B model, aspired to expand its horizon into the direct-to-consumer domain. While their exhibition room showcased their exquisite furniture, it was not the main revenue driver they envisioned for a broader consumer market. The transition to DTC was not just a shift in strategy but a leap into uncharted territory, laden with logistical complexities and the need for seamless ERP integrations.

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Our approach was multifaceted, starting with a strategic migration to Shopify. This platform choice was crucial, not only for its ecommerce prowess but for its ability to adapt to the nuanced needs of Cime Collections. We dove deep into the intricacies of shipping logistics and ERP systems, ensuring a backbone of operational efficiency was in place to support their DTC ambitions. Through collaborative workshops, we demystified these complex systems, equipping the Cime team with the knowledge to navigate their new digital landscape.

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The transformation has been pivotal. Cime Collections now boasts a Shopify platform that's not just an online store, but a gateway to their DTC vision. The website serves as a digital showroom, extending the allure of their physical exhibition space to a global audience. With streamlined shipping logistics and integrated ERP systems, Cime Collections is poised to captivate the DTC market, bridging the gap between traditional B2B operations and the expansive potential of direct consumer engagement.