Media Empire meets eCommerce.


Togethxr's ambitious vision to seamlessly blend media storytelling with merchandise sales faced technological hurdles. Their existing Next.js platform, while visually striking, fell short in meeting the dual objectives crucial to their identity: engaging media presentation and effective ecommerce functionality. The need was clear - a platform that not only matched their organizational goals but also streamlined costs.

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Our solution was a strategic replatforming to Shopify. This move was deliberate, choosing a native Shopify environment known for its robustness and ease of use. Our focus was on crafting a user experience that epitomized ease of use, cleanliness, timelessness, and efficiency. By doing so, we aimed to align the platform's functionality with Togethxr's dual aspirations, ensuring that both content and commerce could thrive in harmony.

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The transformation has been profound. Togethxr now enjoys a Shopify platform that truly reflects its core ethos - a place where compelling stories are told and products seamlessly sold. This new foundation not only enhances Togethxr's operational efficiency but also significantly reduces their operational costs. The platform now serves as a beacon of what Togethxr stands for, encapsulating the essence of their brand in every pixel and transaction. Through this strategic pivot, Togethxr has been empowered to focus on what they do best - inspiring through stories and connecting through products.