Université de Montréal

Helping University students navigate mental health services efficiently

Université de Montréal, one of the city’s most prestigious French institutions, sought to implement a sponsored program for students who need mental health counselling.They reached out to us to make it happen.

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The Challenge

Université de Montréal needed a three-option resource finder that would generate specific results to guide users towards a more refined search based on their identified needs. Our team was also tasked with building a blog and multiple generic pages as additional user resources.

The Execution

When coding the project, we needed to ensure the resources recgonized multiple layers that carried information from one resource to the next, all while ensuring the UX left the user feeling as if they hadn’t left the page. This was an important element of facilitating access to the information.

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The site’s branding has a calming effect that we knew needed to translate into the site experience, which we accomplished by integrating subtle animations.